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About Us

Every successful trader has an array of tools at their disposal. Technical analysis, orderflow, leverage are to name a few. For many, automation doesn't exist. We're here to change that. We enable you to automate every aspect of your portfolio without writing a single line of code! Want to configure a market making bot that puts your orders at the top of the order book, a fully automated strategy , or even a big red button to liquidate all your risky positions into USD?

It's all possible with ArcTaurus!

 If it isn't let us know and we'll build the tools to let you do it! We believe automated systems that protect pennies and project pounds shouldn't be exclusive to large trading firms. If you're a bear, a bull, or a bit of both, get in touch to learn more or sign up to get started!

Our Mission


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Example Strategies

Stagged order strategies bot
Stoch RSI strategy bot
Dollar cost averaging bot

Stagger orders in the orderbook

Place orders dependent on the current order book so you're always exactly where you want to be!

Stoch RSI Strategy

Buy every time the stochastic RSI indicator crosses your chosen thresholds, e.g. 80/20. You can configure the indicator however you like, choose your order type, execute once, multiple times, or repeat forever, and much much more.

DCA bot

one of the simplest bots, dollar-cost-averaging allows you to mitigate volatility by spreading your entries and exits over time. Here we're buying 0.1 ETH every day for 10 days,

How It Works

Build the logic your way to be the first to invest or sell cryptocurrency when needed.

Need some further tutorials? Head to our YouTube for more or Live Chat with us

  • Sign in or Register an account to begin your automated trading experience
  • Drag and drop simple blocks to build your strategy! It's as simple as plug, play, profit
  • Once you’ve designed your system we do our magic, converting into an automated trading strategy
  • Choose from over 50 Technical Indicators
  • Trade on breaking news through real time social media integrations and news alerts
  • Trade how you like. We’re committed to being the most versatile tool on the market. If you can think of the strategy, we’ll help you automate it

Frequently Asked Questions

ArcTaurus is a portmanteau from the ancient Greek word "Arcturus", meaning defender of the bear combined with the Latin "Taurus," meaning bull. We're traders with experience in building automated strategies who want to give the tools we spent so long learning to every trader. We enable you to up your trading game, allowing you to optimise and customise your trading strategies with the precision of hand-coded solutions. Our platform is easy to use, flexible, and powerful, and our users are central to our mission.

We help you build and maintain your crypto trading strategies. It can be tiresome and expensive to build your own automations on your own with little assurance of tangible results. We enable you to build and test a full strategy in minutes rather than days. ArcTaurus will save you time, sweat and tears. No longer will you need to keep one eye on the market 24/7.

Automated trading is the same as regular trading except a computer makes the trades on your behalf. We let you define what triggers the bot to trade and as soon as that happens the bot executes the orders in a blink of an eye. This can be changes in price, technical indicators, with more integrations coming soon...

That means that come rain, shine, holiday or family commitment you'll never miss your entry or exit!

No. We have spent the time learning to code so you don't have to! ArcTaurus is an easy to use automated trading software, helping you to optimise your trading strategies.

Tiers start at £25 per month. To find the right package for your needs check out our pricing page . We're also open to more bespoke solutions. If that's something you'd like, make sure to get in touch using our live chat!

Invest as much or as little as you like! ArcTaurus is a flexible Crypto trading software allowing you to trade customised amounts, relevant to your lifestyle. We have no volume caps for our tiers so if you're trading $1 or $1 million we'd love to help you improve your trading!

Building crypto bots using ArcTaurus is fast and easy, we have a range of custom blocks for you to drag and drop into place to quickly build a program to trade on your behalf without writing a line of code. This bot will follow the logic you set out and trade based on it, no need to do any other work once you hit publish.

There's plenty of resources available out there. We have a blog section with multiple posts, written by our employees. We discuss a wide range of topics going into detail to help you improve your trading! Feel free to ask us any questions you have on our live chat as we're always happy to chat!

We will NEVER share, sell, copy, or distribute your unique trading strategies unless you explicitly authorise us to do so. They are for your use only. Check our our full Privacy Policy to understand how we keep you and your data secure while using ArcTaurus.

Currently no. But please contact us if you would like to do this as we are currently in the process of developing a system such that users can sell or sub-license their automated trading strategies.


These are the exchanges we currently support. We're always looking at expanding, so if your favourite exchange is missing let us know.
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