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ArcTaurus is currently in invite only beta access. We'll be launching our open beta very soon, so keep an eye on your email and our socials to start automating your trading.

A world of automated crypto trading is almost at you fingertips

Stagger orders in the orderbook

Place orders dependent on the current order book so you're always exactly where you want to be!

Stoch RSI Strategy

Buy every time the stochastic RSI indicator crosses your chosen thresholds, e.g. 80/20. You can configure the indicator however you like, choose your order type, execute once, multiple times, or repeat forever, and much much more.

DCA bot

one of the simplest bots, dollar-cost-averaging allows you to mitigate volatility by spreading your entries and exits over time. Here we're buying 0.1 ETH every day for 10 days,

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